Wednesday/ fire and ash

I swept fine ash from the wildfires off my deck and front porch on Wednesday. The smoky, hazy sky hung around, but on-shore breezes on Thursday should start to take care of some of the smoke.  But to help the firefighters, it really needs to start raining here in the Pacific Northwest.

What a frightening scene – can anything to stop this mountainside wildfire?  This Monday photo provided by KATU-TV shows a wildfire as seen from near Stevenson Wash., across the Columbia River. The fire is burning in the Columbia River Gorge above Cascade Locks, Ore. (Tristan Fortsch/KATU-TV via AP).
The Eagle Creek wildfire covers 30,000 acres : about 46 square miles. As of Wednesday, the fire was contained at only 5% or so.   The location of the town of Stevemson in the previous picture, is just a little further up along the Columbia river, on the Washington State side. 

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