Thursday/ bracing for Irma

Nevermind that Donald Trump Jr. testified before a Senate committee today (about his admitted meeting with Russians in June 2016), or that President Trump made an agreement with the Democrats on Wednesday*, blindsiding the leadership of the Republican Party.  It’s all about the Category 5 monster hurricane Irma coming for Florida.   There are gas shortages and the interstate freeways are clogged, as some 500,000 residents were told to evacuate to safer areas up north.  Hotel and motel rooms as far away as Atlanta are said to be sold out. There were long lines at Miami, and other airports with people trying to get out before the airports close down on Friday.

*To raise the debt ceiling until December, and to provide $15 billion of funding for hurricane Harvey

NOAA’s cone for Irma’s path as of Thursday night, looking terrible for the Florida Keys, and for Florida.  This storm is larger and stronger than 1992’s hurricane Andrew, the most destructive hurricane to hit Florida to date ($26 billion damage in 1992 dollars).  The Florida panhandle is only 140 mi wide, and the storm system’s diameter exceeds 300 miles!
I took this picture of the Turks & Caicos National Museum in 2006 (it was a stop on a Caribbean cruise). It must have sustained some damage from hurricane Irma today, since the eye of the hurricane passed over the islands. The hurricane caused extensive damage to buildings in St Maarten and the island of Barbuda (90% of buildings damaged or completely destroyed in Barbuda).


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