Friday/ hello, September

The little spritz of rain we had in the city on Thursday ended one of the driest July-Augusts on record, and revealed a little sheet spiderweb by the cement path to my front door. (Yes, my front lawn is completely yellowed out by now, and will start to green up as the rain starts falling).


Here in Seattle we leave behind one of the driest July-Augusts on record.  The rainfall total of 0.02 inches at Seattle-Tacoma airport ties the figure for 1914.

The new school year is starting here, reminding me that Sept. 1 was called lentedag (‘spring day*’) when I was a kid in school in South Africa. To mark the day, we were allowed not to wear our school uniforms .. and I would always scratch my head as to what to wear!

*Even though the official start of spring would start later in September, same day when fall starts here in the North.

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