Tuesday/ Harvey breaks rainfall record

It’s official : Tropical Storm Harvey has broken a 1978 rainfall record with some places now measuring over 50 inches since Friday (the numbers on the left are from earlier). So that European weather model’s prediction was not out by much, after all.  It is just mind-boggling .. to think that one or two inches of rain is a ‘lot of rain’, but here we are looking a ten, twenty times that. 

The storm moved out over the gulf, and will make a second landfall Tue night. President Trump and Melania visited Corpus Christie (she in stiletto heels; she did change into sneakers upon arriving). Hair-raising alert regarding a levy breach. The two reservoirs (dams) built 70 years ago in the wake of an epic flood in 1935 are now overflowing and no longer helping to hold back any floodwater.

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