Monday/ ‘Nordic Morning’ puzzle

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was in the White House this morning. He was low-key, saying that he is not here to give advice (such as – ahem – how to handle Russian aggression), but that Finland do what they can to maintain the peace.  I did not know that Finland and Sweden are actually not part of NATO. Even so, NATO is stepping up cooperation with Finland and Sweden in the Baltic region.

P.S.  Related to Nordic themes: Sunday night I started on a 1,000-piece puzzle called Nordic morning.

Yes, I have a ways to go! For the life of me I cannot find the straight edge piece that is still missing in the top right of the frame. Hopefully it’s a piece with a very short edge, and it will appear later. It was fun to ‘build’ the house. Next up is the stone bridge and a gorgeous alpine mountain in the background. (I definitely will post a picture of the completed puzzle!).

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