Friday/ a rainy day, long ago & far away

Here’s a picture (circa 1966) that I found in a shoe box of pictures. It’s a rainy day scene at my family’s house in Vereeniging, South Africa, where I grew up.  I’m not sure if the picture was taken to capture the soggy grounds, or the Cadillac in the driveway! Maybe both.

Some some ten years later, in 1975, the low-lying areas of Vereeniging would flood, during a wet summer season, and muddy river water would creep up to within an inch or two of flooding my parents’ home. We were very grateful that the wooden floors and everything in the house were spared.

It’s 1966 and the house on Doon Drive in Vereenging is brand new (sparse starter lawn and stack of pavers!).  That’s my grandfather’s 1964 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and (I think) my dad’s 1965 Fiat Familiare in the garage. The TJ on the Cadillac’s plate stands for Transvaal Johannesburg (province, city). The white Land Rover at the back made several journeys to Botswana and back, and later on would stay put in Botswana.

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