Saturday/ more Kitsap

From Port Gamble, we took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to get to the Emerald City (Seattle).

Here are pictures from Friday and Saturday on Hood Canal.  Hood Canal is a body of water with a bend in its southern end, that separates Kitsap peninsula from the Olympic peninsula. The Olympic peninsula is a large arm of land that lies between Seattle and the Pacific Ocean.

Clockwise: Carrot cake for my birthday, from Butcher & Baker Provisions (restaurant in Port Gamble); neat hexagon array in a yellow jacket wasp nest – unoccupied!; hummingbird, approaching feeder; submarine (far right) escorted to Naval Base Kitsap, during low tide on the Hood Canal; driving onto the ferry at Bainbridge Island terminal; Agate Pass bridge onto Bainbridge Island (see map); pebbles on beach by Hansville; belted kingfisher on same beach (I need a stronger zoom lens!).

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