Wednesday/ no soup for you

‘We now have a president who can’t get the head of Campbell Soup to the White House*’, says Gail Collins in an editorial in the New York Times.  (Gail also pointed out that at his train wreck of a press conference on Tuesday, Trump asked the stunned reporters “Does anyone know I own a house in Charlottesville?  I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States. It’s in Charlottesville.”).

*Business leaders disbanded two CEO councils created by the White House on Wednesday, in a move to protest Donald Trump’s failure to adequately condemn the violence in Charlottesville.

Campbell’s soup received a medal of excellence at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle, which became a central feature on the label. In 1962 Andy Warhol produced “Campbell’s Soup Cans,” 32 silk screened paintings, each representing a flavor from the brand’s condensed soup line. I like this work of art a little better (I think it’s simply a combination of individual Warhol works of art), with the colors added.

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