Wednesday/ Google: you’re fired

Bloomberg’s Emily Change interviewing James Damore after he had been fired from Google.

I am fascinated by the Google engineer that published a ‘manifesto’ stating that biological differences between men and women ‘explain’ the gender imbalance in Google’s workforce (70% of Google coders are male).  Now fired, he says he feels betrayed by Google, and that they seemingly do not support diversity of opinions.  Well. So let’s say he has a point (re: diversity of opinions).  But why risk your (dream) job by circulating a memo going against your company’s stated diversity culture, with debatable scientific evidence, with trigger words that automatically link baggage to your statements, that you have no control over?  Why step into that minefield at this time – when the US Dept of Labor is challenging Google in court for not being fair to women?  Why invite infamy for your company’s reputation and brand, and as for one’s personal brand, risk being seen as so selfish and so arrogant, that no manager will ever put you onto his or her team?  Did he not see that coming?    

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s e-mail memo to the staff about James Damore’s inflammatory memo.

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