Friday/ Trumpwatch update

Newsweek: “Donald Trump is bored and tired,” the cover reads. “Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”

Another week packed with political news. Monday saw the firing of White House Director of Communications Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci (after his savage expletive-filled rant to a journalist became public). Scaramucci was fired by new Chief of Staff John Kelly that replaced Reince Priebus.  For now, Trump stopped disparaging Attorney General Jeff Sessions (for recusing himself from the Russia investigation).  Trump reluctantly signed into law new sanctions against Russia.  He had no choice: Congress approved the law by veto-proof majorities.

Special investigator Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury, the next step in his investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia connections.  Trump and his defenders continue to say it’s a witch hunt; his lawyer even saying ‘we have no reason to believe he (Trump) is under investigation’.  Well, time will tell.  Mueller has assembled an all-star team of 16 lawyers with extensive experience in financial fraud and money laundering.  He has issued subpoenas to the White House for documentation on disgraced ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  (Flynn was on the Turkish government’s payroll, and failed to disclose he was a foreign agent).  What else? Oh, transcripts of the embarrassing phone calls Trump had with the Mexican President and Australia’s Prime Minister were published.  (Telling the Mexican President that New Hampshire is ‘a drug-infested den’. But yes, the calls should not have been leaked). Then in public, Trump called the White House ‘a dump’ – only to flatly deny that he said any such thing, later in a tweet.   The President of the United States.

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