Friday/ the X1 Carbon has landed

My new notebook computer landed on my doorstep on Friday, and my first impressions are very favorable.  It’s light, and very similar to my Lenovo notebooks from work that I had used for 8, 10 hours a day for a very long time.  I did consider a MacBook and others, but my fingers are so, so used to the Lenovo keyboard.  A new notebook with a different keyboard layout and feel can bring a lot of frustration, and be hard to get used to again (sort of like a rental car with the levers for the wipers and turn signal switched from one’s own car).

It did take a little patience to get the machine set up.  There was a massive 4 Gigabyte Windows 10 update needed to what was already loaded on the machine.

Then, when I downloaded and attempted to install Google Chrome (as browser instead of Microsoft’s Edge), the infamous blue screen of death came up. Aargh.  Microsoft calls it a ‘stop screen’ – and these days the blue screen is not a dead stop requiring a hard reboot.  Electing to re-install the very large OS update did the trick.

Such a clean ma-chine! (as Queen would sing in ‘I’m in love with my car’), on my somewhat cluttered desk. The Lenovo X1 Carbon* (5th Gen), 16 Gb memory, 512 Gb SSD, Intel Core i7 7th gen., full HD res, 2.5lbs.   *Carbon fiber in the outer shell, and a magnesium frame.

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