Sunday/ Yesler Way bridge

Seattle’s Yesler Way bridge was built in 1910, making it one of the oldest permanent steel roadway bridges in the city.  Its new rehabilitation project is well underway and scheduled for completion in fall of this year.   The $20 million project was funded by a ‘Bridging the Gap’ transportation levy (a property tax increase) passed by voters in 2006, together with a grant from the Federal Highway Bridge Program.

From In addition to providing a major east/west arterial connection across I-5, the Yesler Way Bridge displays unique and historic design elements which include decorative pedestrian railings, parabolic and circular features of the exterior “fascia” girders, and ornamental capitals and casings on the “fascia” girder columns, all of which will be preserved with the bridge rehabilitation.
This is at the International District train station. I like the new blue ‘Hello Washington’ train cars on the Light Rail (it’s for Kaiser Permanente healthcare, new to Washington State).

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