Thursday/ Google Drive & Google Photos

I’m finally making a serious attempt to sort out the chaos on my Google Drive and Google Photos cloud applications. ┬áMuch of the chaos was due to thousands of my junk pictures ending up in the cloud through the automatic back-up function setting (I turned that off for now). ┬áCheck out the diagram and the notes I made for myself. I’m sure it’s all subject to change as I learn more, and as Google make adjustments to their cloud offerings as well!

Google Drive and Google Photos have settings to make them overlap a little, but I turned that off. FOR NOW, I have also turned off the auto back-up settings. (I take too many temporary and junk pictures on my phone and screen shots from my iPad). MAYBE LATER, I will turn it on again. One can edit & delete Google Drive folder files and Google Pictures in the cloud, and manage the cloud data that way. I still have a local back-up drive connected to my desktop computer as well.
Some of the Google Photos folders on my iPad view of the Google cloud application. Those folder names are ones I entered: Year & Month, and Location or Topic. There is an automated album generator function that groups photos by their recorded geo-location, date & time or even type of objects in the photo, but I still like to create my own folder names as well.


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