Wednesday/ Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps

The Total Eclipse of the Sun ‘forever’* stamps that I ordered, arrived today. I promptly put my fat finger on one to see if the thermochromic ink works as advertised.  It does, and the image of the moon reverts back to a ‘total eclipse’ (black blob) soon after one removes the source of heat.

*’Forever valid as standard postage, no matter how much the US Postal Service increase the rates (currently $0.49).  Well, OK, but not even our solar system’s sun is ‘forever’. At some fantastical point in time 5.5 billion years out, it will deplete its supply of hydrogen and helium and collapse into a white dwarf.

Here is what the sheet of stamps look like right after I had bathed it in bright sunlight for a minute or two.  As soon as the surface of the stamp cools down, the moon turns back into a black shadow, though. The white lines must be the solar wind: a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of the Sun

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