Friday/ more South African coins (1983)

Here is the set from 1983 (this set ran from 1965 to 1988, designer-engraver Tommy Sasseen).  I love the animals and birds on the coins, especially the wildebeest on the 2c.  So two bronze coins, with the others made of nickel. Nickel replaced silver in earlier coin sets – and the nickel would in turn (in later years) be replaced with cupro-nickel.

I bought some old South African coins a while ago, but I could not resist this 1983 set when I saw them on eBay (only $12).

These were the ones I grew up with, were my pocket money, and I will never forget the images on them.  In my first year in school a boy called Leon gave me a 20c coin out of the blue as a gift (to ‘buy’ my friendship?). My mom was shocked, of course, that I had accepted it, and I had to promptly return the coin to Leon. No can do, I had to tell him.

DenominationDiameterMass Metal Design
1 cent19.0 mm3.0 gBronzeSparrows
2 cents22.4 mm4.0 gBronzeBlack Wildebeest
5 cents17.3 mm2.5 gNickelBlue Crane
10 cents20.7 mm4.0 gNickelAloe Plant
20 cents24.2 mm6.0 gNickelKing Protea (Cynaroides)
50 cents27.8 mm9.5 gNickelWhite Arum Lily, African Lily & Strelitzia
1 Rand (100 c)31.0 mm12.0 gNickelSpringbok


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    1. I cannot give you any advice for coin dealers (I don’t know any).
      Online, the best place (with the most potential buyers) is probably
      You should search on eBay for coins similar to yours (same year or year close to yours, similar condition), to see what a reasonable price to ask for your coins, would be.
      To sell on eBay you would have to take nice pictures of your coins, and indicate what grade they are.
      I don’t know much about how coins are graded, unfortunately (what condition they are in).
      You would have to look that up online.

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