Wednesday/ neat postage stamps

I have always loved postage stamps, for the miniature works of art that they are.
Here is a sample of my new favorites that I found browsing around on the Dutch website

Stamp set from the Netherlands celebrating favorite Dutch foods and treats. I see the city Utrecht (in the province of Utrecht) is very unhappy, though : the set omitted the region’s very popular Vockingworst, a ground liver sausage named after its inventor, and a favorite since 1891.
‘Birthday Party’ .. new 2017 stamps from Austria.
Koala (Australian Dollar AUD 1.15), red kangaroo (Swiss Frank CHF 2.00)  and emu (Euro EUR 1.70) on new United Nations commemorative stamps issued in Australia in March.  Very unusual for a set of stamps to have different currency denominations.  I guess you have to make sure your stamp matches your sending country!
Churfirsten is a mountain range in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The range has a limestone ridge running east to west, with the individual peaks formed by erosion. Seven peaks in the range are listed on the right. I can more or less (but not exactly) tell which the seven peaks are, going from left to right.
And here is a pair of stamps from Namibia, one of a rabbit (a wabbit, as Elmer Fudd would say), and a hare. Hares are usually larger than rabbits, with longer hind legs and longer ears.
(These images from Finally, since it’s the first day of summer here in the north AND there is a total solar eclipse in the making for the continental United States, the USPS issued solar eclipse stamps that are printed in thermochromic ink, which means they will react to touch (the black will turn to an image of the moon, and revert back to black afterwards. How cool is that?). Of course, now I have to have these, so that I can test them with my grubby hands for myself!

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