Monday/ a king’s ransom for king salmon

Hey! You cannot fool me: $74.99 is really $75, is it not? (and it comes to $82.19 after adding the city’s 9.6% sales tax).

King salmon is the most expensive of the salmon for sale here in Seattle (and the best), and Copper River King Salmon is even more pricey.  Shipments from this year’s limited catch have arrived on Alaska Air, and salmon fillets were available at Pike Place market this weekend – for $75 per pound. Yikes.

Just for fun, I compiled a list of other expensive foods – much more expensive, in fact.   [Source: much of the information gleaned from a list published on The Awesome Daily.]

Food Country of OriginPrice, USD, 1 lb
Copper River SalmonAlaska, USA$75
Moose Milk CheeseSweden$500
Kopi Luwak CoffeeThe Philippines$100-$600
Kobe BeefJapanUp to $500
La Bonnotte PotatoesFranceUp to $1,500
Blue Fin Tuna SushiJapanUp to $1,200
Matsutake MushroomJapanUp to $1,000
European White TruffleItalyUp to $1,000
Densuke Black WatermelonHokkaido, JapanUp to $1,200
Tieguanyin TeaChina, JapanUp to $7,000

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