Thursday/ I’m still a Scrabble addict

I sometimes play three games of Scrabble in a row on my phone or iPad.  I cheat a little bit against the computer by taking a long time to find the perfect word, and sometimes I can ask for a hint for the best word, but I try not to do that.    And then when I’m done, I take a screen shot with the intent to look up all the words the computer played that I did not know about. (I rarely do that – much nicer to just play another game!).

Below is a rare game that ended in a draw (it’s about 50-50, the times I win or lose against the computer’s best efforts, its ‘Expert’ mode).  It’s humbling to still run into so many short words in the English language that I do not know (ones from the board listed below).  Live and learn, right?

LOID verb, to open a spring lock by using a piece of celluloid
JAPE verb, to mock
OIDIA noun, sing. oidium, pl. oidia, a type of fungus
WEFT noun, a woven fabric or garment
KURU noun, a disease of the nervous system
BILBO noun, a finely tempered sword
IRENIC adjective, peaceful in purpose
SERA noun, sing. serum, pl. serums, or sera, the watery portion of whole blood
TAVS noun, pl. tavs, a Hebrew letter

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