Tuesday/ after the smartphone .. augment our reality?

Apple reported earnings on Tuesday. Earnings beat expectations, but revenue fell short of estimates as the company sold fewer iPhones than expected.  Apple now sits on a mountain of cash exceeding $250 billion.   CEO Tim Cook says high expectations for the next iPhone, and the subsequent delays in iPhone purchases is partly to blame for the shortfall.

On the other hand – the phone is already dead, posits Alex Kipman, the inventor of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality glasses, in an interview with Bloomberg.  (Dead? Well. Two notes here. 1. Microsoft’s smartphone business and 2013 Nokia acquisition never took off.  2. Apple sold more than 50 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2017).

Microsoft is betting that we can augment our reality when interacting with people and things, and entertaining, educating ourselves, with a device such as their HoloLens (pronounce ‘hollow’ lens).    It’s a big pursuit of Facebook as well, the virtual reality experience.

From Microsoft’s Hololens website .. ways that the user will use the Hololens to interact with his or her environment. Of course : to achieve and sustain this, a whole new supporting ecosystem of software, third-party vendors and a critical mass of hololens users would be needed.
Screen shot from a YouTube video that shows examples of a user interacting with holograms when creating something new, or interacting with the virtual world out there on the world wide web.

Holy cow .. who’s ready to plonk down $3,000 for a Hololens? Bloomberg Business does say that Microsoft is furthest along among the big companies trying their luck in augmented reality, even if it’s currently too pricey to become a mass-market phenomenon.

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