Friday/ Trump at Day 100

Day 100 of the Trump presidency is on Saturday.  The media was full of reports this week about the (non) accomplishments of President Trump, but his supporters remain optimistic that he will bring about significant changes.   The only really significant item is the appointment of a conservative US Supreme Court Justice – one for which Republicans in the senate had to change the rules so that Justice Neil Gorsuch could be appointed by a simple majority (under the old rules a 60-40 majority was needed).

As for legislation, there were the failed attempts at overhauling Obamacare, the one page ‘tax reform’ (really a tax cut for the rich), and really no proposal about badly needed infrastructure repairs other than that border wall with Mexico (which none of the border States want, by the way).   Finally, let’s not forget the head-snapping policy reversals, too many to recall – NATO being obsolete and then no longer, the USA withdrawing from NAFTA and then not, declaring China a currency manipulator and then not; the list goes on.

Here’s a graphic from the New York Times that show the results of an analysis done on Trump’s tweets. The analysis suggests citizens’ enthusiasm for responding to controversial Trump tweets is waning.
Check out the amazing improvement in the assessment of the state of the US economy by Republicans. The reality is that the economy grew by 0.7% in Q1 2017, the lowest in three years. And will the Trump Tax Cuts (if they make it into legislation) make a difference? The evidence from the Bush Tax Cuts suggest that they will NOT. Should there instead be policies that penalize corporations for gaming the corporate tax rules? And how can government best support training and education for post-industrial jobs, and support workers that should share in the profits coming from working harder to achieve productivity increases at their companies?

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