Sunday/ the center holds (in France)

Macron, macaroon. Macron’s name makes me think of a macaroon (a sandwich cookie with a filling in the middle)!

It’s nice to see that independent candidate and centrist Emmanuel Macron came out on top of the final polls in today’s French election .. even though it’s unsettling that anti-EU, anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen still has a shot at winning in the final round, on May 7.

The pre-election polling turned out to be accurate, though, and one has to believe that most voters will coalesce around Macron in the final round.  En marche! (Forward!)

Election results from The top two candidates go through to the final round on May 7. None of the traditional party candidates survived the first round!  President Hollande was so unpopular that he declined to stand for re-election, becoming the first single term French president since the dawn of France’s Fifth Republic in 1958 to do so.

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