Tuesday/ in the lion’s den

On Tuesday, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer condemned the Syria attack with chemical weapons (of last week) in a press briefing in the White House by saying ‘not even Adolf Hitler had sunk so far as to use chemical weapons against his own population’.  This is such a historically incorrect claim, that journalists in the room threw him a lifeline (‘What did you mean by that?’), but his muddled response only ended up making matters worse.

By the end of Tuesday he had to issue a written clarification, and had to correct that clarification twice, as well.   And finally, he went on live television one more time, and apologize.  As one cable news commentator said : at least the apology was unconditional.  Not one of those apologies that start with ‘If I offended anyone, I apologize .. ‘.

‘Sean Spicer in the lion’s den’, says this report on the web site of German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.  And the caption asks: Trump’s spokesperson – the hardest job in Washington? (I would say so, yes).

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