Wednesday/ Zürich Hbf > Frankfurt Airport

I made it to Frankfurt airport by train and will soon board my Icelandair flight to Seattle, with a stop in Reykjavik.  I took the train from Zürich to Frankfurt airport.  My travel plan for Zürich Hbf > Frankfurt Airport called for a change of trains at Mannheim.  The second train departure, to take me from Mannheim to Frankfurt airport, was canceled due to maintenance issues, though.  ‘I know what your question is already’, said the conductor as I called him over to ask what my options were.   It turned out there was another train just 4 minutes behind us, which is the one that I got onto, to get me to Frankfurt airport.

Here’s our sleek Deutsche Bahn ICE (Intercity Express) train at Zürich main station.  The train driver is having a word with the conductor (I think that’s the conductor).  He will blow a sharp whistle to say ‘All Aboard!’ two minutes before the departure time.  It is 6 am in the morning, so there are not many people around, but the train filled up at the stops along the way to Mannheim. (I took a second train from Mannheim to Frankfurt airport).
This is the arrival hall for trains that stop at the Frankfurt Flughafen (airport) station.

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