Monday/ train to Zurich

My time in Munich was up on Monday morning.  I checked out of my comfy Marriott hotel and made my way to the München Hauptbahnhof once more, same as Sunday, but this time to catch a EuroCity train to Zurich.  The train went west and around Lake Constance, making stops at some small train stations with charmingly short names, such as Elgg and Wil.  At one station I saw a guy roll himself a cigarette from loose tobacco (have not seen that in a very long time), and at another, a businessman stepped on board using a strange, square-shaped phone : turned out to be a Blackberry Passport.

I love the Süddeutsche Zeitung (even though I understand only every third word ! LOL). This morning’s edition featured Roger Federer on the front page. ‘Triumph and Angst’ : Roger Federer about his secrets for success – how he reconciles the pinnacle of sport and a family rich in children’.
Here’s the 4h 34m train ride’s route to Zurich. Will we go north? or will we go south? around Lake Constance, I wondered. (South).  There are several stops along the way, and at some stations cars are added or disconnected.  No stop at the Swiss border, though – just an announcement ‘Willkommen in der Schweiz/ Welcome to Switzerland’.
Here’s a glimpse of Lake Constance, this at the town of Lindau on the eastern edge of the lake.
And just a cool barnhouse of sorts (?) shortly after we crossed the Swiss border. I love the giant roof and its overhang, and the siding tiles on the front.
This is at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, and we had just disembarked from our train. (Yes, not a very sleek-looking engine car, but hey, it did its job very well for 4 1/2 hours). The upper train station has an older industrial look, but sits on top of a sprawling and modern underground shopping mall.

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