Thursday/ Munich art, and rain

It rained all day long in Munich today (9°C/ 48°F), and I had to buy a cheap €10 umbrella to get around without getting too wet. (One only gets less wet with an umbrella, and completely wet, without one).  The other unexpected event of the day was an unspecified problem on the U6 train line at 6 pm as I made my way back to the hotel, that stopped all northbound trains. ‘The U6 line will be closed for a long time’ announced the driver, after it had stopped at Giselastrasse station.  We all got out, and ‘What do I do now?, I thought. There is no other U-bahn line that goes to the Norfriedhof station by my hotel.  No tram line goes there, either.   Maybe a bus did, but I had no bus map.  So: taxi.  No luck flagging one down by Giselastrasse station, so I took the southbound U6 train two stops down, where I knew there was a taxi stand.  Yay! I was so happy to find a taxi waiting, to get off my tired feet and just sit.  Ten minutes later, I paid the driver the €15 fare and hopped out at my hotel.


Here’s a wet Odeonsplatz – a large square in central Munich. That’s the Theatine Church in yellow, getting renovated, and a ‘Trump, What Now’? poster in the foreground.
The entrance to the Neue Pinakothek, a museum with European works of art from the 18th and 19th century, some four blocks from Odeonsplatz. A student tour group is approaching on the left, umbrellas and all.
One of the prize items in the Neue Pinakothek collection is the Van Gogh Sunflowers (Arles F456). Van Gogh painted several similar sunflower stills in two series. This one is the only one with a blue-green background. There are also a few Monets and Gustav Klimts in the museum, and a sculpture by Picasso.
Here are the trains on the U3 & U6 lines by Odeonsplatz station. The train on the right is an older model, and the one on the left a brand new train.
The rain finally cleared late on Thursday, just as I was getting ready to call it quits and go back to the hotel for dinner.  These are the twin dome towers of Munich’s iconic Frauenkirche.  The church building was completed in 1488, and the Gothic Renaissance domes in 1524.
No, giant aliens have not landed in Munich!  This 17 m (54 ft) tall ‘Walking Man’ artwork has actually been here on Leopoldtstrasse since 1995.  It was designed by American artist Jonathan Borofsky.


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