Saturday/ the Castle of Good Hope

Here’s a very nice diagram of the Castle of Good Hope that I found in a magazine.  I drove by there a few times in Cape Town this week, and could for the life of me not remember the names of all five points.  Now I know (again) what they are : Katzenellenbogen (translated from Dutch, literally : ‘the cat’s elbow’), Oranje, Buuren, Nassau and Leerdam.

*[From Wikipedia] Built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679, the Castleis the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa. It replaced an older fort called the Fort de Goede Hoop which was constructed from clay and timber and built by Jan van Riebeeck upon his arrival at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.


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  1. hi Dale! You’re very welcome! It was really nice to be able to do a few things with you and Bryan in Cape Town.

    1. hi Jeanne – I don’t recall the name of the magazine, unfortunately :(.
      The magazine was on sale at Pick n Pay, and a quarterly, educational kind of magazine.
      It may have been published by Media24, under the You/Huisgenoot brand. I’m just not sure.

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