Wednesday/ arrival in Cape Town

I made it into Cape Town early on Wednesday afternoon. Summer is showing no sign of slowing down here, with a high of 33 °C (91°F) today, and tomorrow’s forecast at 35 °C (95°F).  In fact, a severe drought has prompted authorities in the Western Cape to impose water restrictions on residents.

This is the first of my three British Airways flights, boarding the Airbus A319 at Frankfurt’s Terminal 2 for London Heathrow.
Flight No 2 – making my way at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 to the big Airbus A380-800 for the long south-bound flight to Johannesburg. Flight time was 11 hrs and 11 mins.
And here is our flying machine for the third and final leg of my journey from Frankfurt to Cape Town, a Boeing 737-800. We had just landed at Cape Town airport.   No bus!  We had to hoof it over to the arrivals terminal that was close by.  I did not mind: it was great to stretch my legs. 

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