Saturday/ at Seattle airport

‘Trump against the rest of the world’, says the German magazine Stern. ‘Self-governing, ruthless and unpredictable – how the new US President is fighting democracy’. (This magazine is dated Feb 9 – so well before Trump’s Thursday Feb 16 circus of a press conference and tweets on Friday denouncing all the major newspapers and media outlets as ‘fake news’). Looks like there is no getting away from the Trump coverage .. but at least I will get a break from the barrage of bad news from the cable news channels I watch in the United States (I hope).

I am at Seattle airport, and made it though security into the lounge at the South Terminal.  I have a 40-minutes-only layover at Reykjavik airport, so I have to dash for the gate for Frankfurt’s departure as soon as I step off the plane there.   Usually the connecting flight’s boarding gate is close by, though.

The same magazine had a spread of Valentine’s Day celebrations from around the world. This cute couple is getting married in red and in the garrison chapel on South Africa’s Robben Island (Robben Island is where Nelson Mandela had spent the larger part of 27 years in jail).

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