Friday/ my bags are packed ..

I am starting to make my way to South Africa on Saturday by taking an Iceland Air flight to Frankfurt, with a short stop in Reykjavik.  The airline actually called me this morning to inquire if they can change my flight to the direct flight on Lufthansa : the Iceland Air flight was oversold.  Sure! I said.  Several hours later I finally got the Lufthansa itinerary, and checked in.   But no .. back came an e-mail from  Iceland Air : Lufthansa needed the seat after all; the Lufthansa web site should not have allowed me to check in.   Can I use the original Iceland Air reservation instead?  Man! So I finally got my boarding pass on Iceland Air, back where I started. 

Here are the two Iceland Air flights that will get me to Frankfurt on the first leg of my trip to South Africa. The big white mass is Greenland. As is sometimes said : Iceland is green and Greenland is ice (at least for another few years, before it thaws).

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