Wednesday/ drama at the Oroville Dam

The Oroville Dam from Google Earth. The dam wall is in the middle of the picture.

The Oroville dam* in California has the highest dam wall in all of the United States.  It made headlines the last week and into this week because it is overflowing – and damage to the main spillway as well as the emergency spillway made it hard to lower the level of the dam.

*Construction started 1961; opened 1968

At some point more than 100,000 residents downstream from the dam wall were given emergency evacuation orders, with officials fearing the erosion under the emergency spillway may cause the natural wall next to the man-made wall to break.    Emergency repairs were done on the spillways this week (basically helicopters and trucks dumping rocks and soil into the eroded areas), and for now, the emergency seems to have been staved off.

Question for President Trump and the Republican Congress: how is that promised $1 trillion infrastructure bill coming along?

This picture shows the Oroville dam wall and its main spillway, and the effect of the failure in the main spillway surface.  The water is supposed to remain in the spillway on the left.

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