Saturday/ University District

The weather finally cleared up after a week of snow and rain, and I made a run out to U-District (short for ‘University District’, next to the campus of the University of Washington). My favorite store in all of Seattle is probably the University Bookstore.

This is Capitol Hill train station, now nearing its one-year anniversary, with the northbound train to the U-District on the right. It just looks as if the platforms are empty; there are several people behind me!
A book about American English asks : What do we call it when it’s raining while the sun is shining? In most of the USA there is no word but Florida & the Northeast say it’s a ‘sunshower’, and in the southeast ‘The Devil beating his Wife’.  In South Africa (in Afrikaans), we say ‘Jakkals trou met Wolf se vrou’ (Eng. Jackal marries Wolf’s wife).  In some folklore the Jackal and Wolf are sworn enemies. 
This fence is the edge of the enormous construction site for the new University District station. (It has a little art project going, on it. I will have to go back and take a night-time picture when the light strings are switched on).

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