Monday/ snow day in Seattle

Winter storm Maya will move across the northern United States and the Midwest through Tuesday. (Source: The Weather Channel)
Here’s a close-up of the cities and snowfalls from winter storm Maya. (Source: The Weather Channel).
Here’s a picture I took around 5.30 am this morning, of 17th Ave on Capitol Hill.
And these fir trees are in my back yard. It is 11 am on Monday and big fluffy snow flakes are sifting down.

There were widespread snowfalls in the low elevations of Puget Sound since Sunday night.   It’s a somewhat unusual weather event: the biggest February snowfall in the city in 13 years.  I measured about 4 inches at my house by noon on Monday.

Overnight temperatures hovered around freezing (32 °F/ 0 °C), and daytime will only add a few degrees to that.  Hopefully most of the snow will melt and not freeze again into ice.  Ice makes for a lot of trouble on streets and sidewalks!


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