Thursday/ news as tennis balls

A journalist posted a video clip of this picture on Twitter : of a Labrador retriever trying to cope with a dump load of hopping tennis balls.  (It reminded me of our neighbors’ Labrador in South Africa.  If we left tennis balls on the court in our back yard, the dog would come by and steal the tennis balls one by one, until they were all gone.  The kids would tie a tennis ball to a rock, and put it at the bottom of their swimming pool, and the dog would dive down and go get it).

Anyway : the point the journalist was trying to make, was that he is the dog; trying frantically to report on material emanating from the White House, from incorrect statements made by Trump’s spokespeople, from Trump’s tweets (insults, getting the facts wrong almost every time), sent from his unsecured Twitter account, and from his grotesque appearance at Thursday’s National Prayer Meeting (boasting, talking about reality TV show ratings, insulting Arnold Schwarzenegger).

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