Friday/ about those Executive Orders

Former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan points out that in all of the terrorist attacks from 9/11 and on, NO terrorist was from any one of the seven countries listed in the ban.  NOT EVEN ONE.

These days, every time a news headline message from the Washington Post, CNN or the New York Times pops up on my phone, I think ‘What has he done now?’ (President Trump).  I should stop looking, if only it were not so unsettling.

There’s the in my opinion =stupid executive order for building the Mexican border wall, estimated to be at least $20 billion. Where will the money come from?  (Mexico will not pay for it, as Trump promised in his campaign).  Oh, ‘We could put an import tax of 20% on Mexican goods’. Then someone pointed out to the White House that the USA imports 3 million cars a year from Mexico, and lots of oil.  So now American consumers will foot the bill?

Another one: freezing the hiring of US government workers.  (There has been virtually no increase in the number of workers the last eight years, but spokesman Sean Spicer cites a ‘huge’ increase). No sooner was it signed, or the US War Veterans Association asks ‘How do we hire doctors and nurses?’ (for the VA).  So the ban had to be rescinded for the VA.

One more : the order Trump signed for halting US immigration from seven countries (see MSNBC screen shot). Of all the terrorist attacks in the USA going back and including 9/11, none were by citizens of any of the seven countries listed in the ban.   It makes no sense.

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