Tuesday/ Captain Haddock, I presume

I noticed today at the No 10 bus stop here on 15th Avenue, that Captain Haddock from the Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé, is featured on the local restaurant’s rotating menu (food from Belgium in this case).  I will have to go in and sample some of the food .. waffles, for sure – and is haddock (fish) a Belgian dish?

P.S. Fererer won in straight sets over Zverev. Yay!  In the final four he will now face fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka.

The sign at Coastal Kitchen restaurant here on 15th Avenue.  As Belgian cartoonist Hergé was considering names for his new character, a seafaring merchant marine captain, and Tintin’s best friend, he asked his wife, Germaine, what she had cooked for dinner.  She told him, “a sad English fish—haddock.”  Hergé thought this was a perfect name for Tintin’s new mariner friend, and so Captain Haddock was born. (This information from Wikipedia).

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