Monday/ at Narita Airport

My time in Tokyo was finally up on Monday morning.  I got onto the Narita Express at the Shinagawa train station, and made it out to the airport with plenty of time.  That was a good thing : apparently the entire Thailand and China (and some other countries) visited Japan for New Year’s Day, and throngs of people were traveling back.

Here’s the Narita Express at Shinagawa station, traveling in the opposite direction , bound for Yokohama. I almost bought a ticket just for fun, on the shinkansen (bullet train) to Yokohama and back, but was a little pressed for time. Got to leave something to do for the next trip, right?
The Akihabara store at Terminal 1 is always a treat to check into, and they did not disappoint with this giant ceiling ‘light fixture’. I’m afraid I do not know if this is a well-known character or not.
.. and I like to check out the scarves in the window of the Hermes store as well. I love the motifs and colors on this one. ‘Strolling to Versailles’ says the lettering in French.

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