Sunday/ January 1st

A new Gregorian calendar year has hatched, and a few weeks later this year the lunar Year of the Rooster will start.
The image on the left from a store window.

I went to the Yodobashi store in Akihabara again today; nothing big (such as a Seiko watch or a Canon camera lens).  It’s just such an overwhelming spectacle, with the enormous variety of all kinds of products and toys that are on display.  Casio had an interesting scanning-translating pen on display.  It looks like a giant marker. The reader drags it across the text and then the translated text is shown on the display.


Rawwr ! The dragon with the goat horns is coming for my camera lens. (I did not note the name of the creature).
This is the platform for the Yamanote line (green on maps) at Kanda station. I love the old exposed iron work with the giant rivets.
I changed hotels for my last night .. the first night I could take advantage of using my Marriott points. It helps a little to keep the expensive hotel costs in Tokyo in check. This ikebana is by the elevator. (The panel lines in the wall in the background, interferes a little with the arrangement!).

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