Saturday/ Tokyo Disneyland

The Keiyō Line, run by Japan Rail East, runs out to Tokyo Bay. (I am close to the Tokyo station, the long bar on the top left). The Disney Resort line is a loop that runs around the Disney premises.

Well – the year is almost out here in the ‘Far East’. (Hey, is there such a concept as the Far West? Shouldn’t there be, if there is a Far East?).

I walked around Shinjuku again today.  Many of the stores closed early for  New Year’s Eve.

Tonight I thought I’d pay my ‘respects’ to American culture by running out to Tokyo Disneyland.  They have a fireworks display at midnight. I thought I might stay for the fireworks at midnight – but in the end I did not.

Here is the beautiful fixtures from the Isetan department store in Shinjuku, considered to be one of the most influential department stores in Japan.
One of several display frames with merchandise inside Isetan .. or is it art? Both, I’m sure. For once, I was not inviting trouble by taking pictures inside the store : there is a sign that says ‘OK to photograph’.
Shinjuku station is nearby, and I went upstairs to look down at it .. and lo and behold, there is the Narita Express (on the right).
Here is the Tokyo Disneyland Station stop. The train runs in a loop, on a monorail, and the windows have mouse-ear silhouettes. (That would be Mickey Mouse, of course).
This is inside the main lobby of the Tokyo Disneyland hotel. I have never seen such an enormous chandelier! Those are hotel rooms in the background.

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