Thursday night/ to Tokyo

The Narita Express is a sleek machine.

My travels to Tokyo went well today. Catching the first available train out at Narita airport was a little tight, though!
Here is a timeline.
8.30 pm: Walking onto Terminal 3 arrivals hall. Made it through passport control, baggage claim and customs.
8.35 pm: Withdraw yen (¥116 to the dollar, great rate) out of the ATM. Head downstairs to buy a ticket for the Narita Express.
8.37 pm: The ticket office lines are long! Let me try the ticket machine, just have to find an ENGLISH button on the screen first.
8.40 pm: Yikes. The next express train is at 8.47 pm, the one after that one almost an hour later. Better get to it. I luck out, pushing the right buttons, then fed it a ¥10,000 bill (that’s US$85! Better not swallow it, machine!).  Out came the ticket (¥4,560/ $39) and change.
8.44 pm: Three minutes to go. Rush downstairs with all my luggage to the platform. No sign of the train.
8.45 pm: Buy a drink from the vending machine on the platform with my coins from the ticket machine.
8.46 pm: Thinking: the train must be late, but just then it slid into the station. Here it is!
8.47 pm: Whoah, slow down fella. We step on board.
8.48 pm: On our way.

An unusual sight (for me, at least) : an Aeroflot Airlines jet (Russian airline) at Hong Kong airport about to taxi out to the runway. The plane is a Boeing 777-300ER.  It is probably on its way to Moscow.
We had just left Hong Kong international airport on Lantau Island, now on our way to Tokyo, a flight of about 4 1/2 hours.

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