Friday/ back to Perth

We drove back to Perth from Albany, with highway 30 most of the way over Kojonup and Williams.   Here are some pictures from our stops on the way.

This is in Kojonup, and the mileages are in kilometers. The last two town names are from the Noongar language. The Noongar are Aboriginal people that have lived in the south-west of Western Australia for more than 45,000 years.
This is a giant replica of a loaded horse-drawn wool wagon from yesteryear. In 1908 some 10,000 sheep were shorn in the Kojonup Shire (a shire is a county).  By 1969 that number had reached 1 million.  Nowadays the local wool industry has become much more mechanized and specialized.
Here’s the abandoned train station building at Kojonup.  It has been at least 30 years since the last train went through here.
The old main hotel in Williams is still standing. There is still a bar downstairs, but its heyday has by now been long. long gone.

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