Wednesday/ Albany

We spent a little time at the beach at Greens Pool in the Denmark area today, before heading out east to Albany for the next few days.  Albany is a port city in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.  It is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia, since it was actually founded more than two years before Perth and Fremantle.

Kangeroos come quite close to the chalets and tents in our camping area, usually as the sun sets. These fellas are probably eastern gray kangeroos, found throughout southern and eastern Australia.
Greens Pool beach is part of William Bay National Park. It has a large natural tide pool with a sandy white beach ringed by large granite boulders that keep the surf of the Southern Ocean out.
Lichens and a hardy succulent on the granite boulders by Greens Pool.
Albany has a peninsula and two natural harbors. We are staying at Emu Point. Look for it at the top right of the picture, by Oyster Harbor.

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