Sunday night/ stop in Hong Kong

Here are some pictures from Hong Kong airport.
The flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was 5 hours. I am on the way to Perth shortly.

We’re still on the ground at Tokyo’s Narita airport, but not for much longer. Here is the in-flight camera showing the ground crew removing the stopping blocks from the aircraft wheels.
Arriving at the gate at Hong Kong International airport with its wavy roofline. These are all Cathay Pacific birds, same as the one I am in.
Inside the terminal at Hong Kong International airport.  The display of giant polished spheres are by fashion house Dior.
I love the dragon boat with the M&M characters in.  The red one and yellow one in front are the cutest with their nón lá (conical Vietnamese style hats).  Of all the varieties, the almond M&Ms are still the best.

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