Monday/ arrival in Perth

We flew dye south for 7 hours from Hong Kong to get to Perth. Here we are about 3 hours away.

We arrived at Perth International Airport at 6.20 am local time, by which time the sun had been up for more than an hour already.  I have to wait for my friend Marlien from South Africa, arriving around noon, and then we will drive down to the coast to Denmark* to join my brother and his family there.

*Denmark, Western Australia.

This artwork in the Perth airport arrivals hall is by Penelope Forlano. It is titled ‘From the Skies’ (2015). It symbolizes Munday Swamp, part of the Perth airport site, one of the most significant archaeological sites in South Western Australia, and dating Aboriginal occupation locally for at least 38,000 years. It was traditionally a site for turtle fishing and an Aboriginal meeting place by the Whadjuk people.

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