Wednesday/ my bags are packed

I completed my work on the project today, filed my time sheets and expense reports, sent a last few e-mails, and set up my out-of-office messages on my e-mail.  ‘Away from work for an extended time, and not checking e-mail’.  My bags are packed, my devices are charged, and my check-in with All Nippon Airways for the flight to Tokyo at mid-day tomorrow, is complete.

It’s nice to arrive with some paper money for the country that one travels to! These are all from my previous visits, so hey, I will be able to use it. Those 10,000 Japanese Yen notes are big – each worth US$85. The Australian $50 is about US$37, and the Hong Kong $100 only about US$13. The SUICA card is for the metro trains in Japan, and the Octopus card for Hong Kong.


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