Monday/ to the East Bay

Two more trips to the Bay Area remain for me, one this week and one next.  My Uber driver to Seattle airport this morning was a Leonard Cohen look-alike, fedora hat and all. ‘Sit back and relax and I will talk to you at the airport’, he said.  He even had Android phone and iPhone charge cable hookups available for his passengers: a nice touch. Seattle airport was busy, with lots of Thanksgiving weekend passengers heading back home.

Here’s our pushback from the gate at Seattle-Tacoma airport. It is 6.50 am and the sky is just starting to light up.
San Francisco airport; I am on the elevated shuttle train (Air Train) making my way to the car rental center.  It was nice to see the beautiful blues in the California sky after the rainy weekend we had in Seattle. That’s an Air India jet between the two United Airlines jets.


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