Monday/ new smoke alarms on order

The new smoke-and-carbon-monoxide alarms from Nest are internet enabled, so one gets a notification one one’s phone if the alarm went off, or if the battery has a low voltage. No chirping. Yay!

It’s time to jump on Amazon and order new smoke alarm devices for my house, I decided.   The ones I have are 14 years old, and each has the very annoying habit of starting to chirp when the battery inside starts to lose its voltage.

A good rule of thumb here in the United States is to just change out the smoke alarm batteries when the Daylight Savings Time ends in November – which I did not do. ‘My bad’, as the (North American slang) saying goes.  And sure enough, this Friday, just as I was talking on a conference call for work, the alarm right by me started chirping noisily. (It gives out a chirp once every minute).   Sometimes I would come home from a trip, and one of the three alarms in the house would chirp – making me wonder if I annoyed the neighbors.

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