Wednesday/ more election results, and protests

The number of passengers on the short bus ride in to the office here in San Francisco, and on the train back to the hotel today was noticeably smaller than usual.  Maybe office workers stayed up into the wee hours the way I did and only made it in later!   I kept my head down today, working as if it was a normal day. Tonight, spontaneous protests have sprung up in several cities .. peaceful so far.  I spotted protesters with #DumpTrump and ‘Stop White Supremacy’ signs (dumping Trump is not going to happen people!; and besides all those red states voting for Trump, we can blame white women voters; turned out they voted for Trump and not for Hillary).  The results for lots of other ballot initiatives are starting to roll in.  Minimum wage increase initiatives across the country are 4 for 4 Approved; California voted to make marijuana legal as well, joining Washington State and Colorado. Looks like Seattle and its surrounding counties have also given the Yes vote to raising funds to build 62 more miles of light rail.

Here’s the scene at Trump Tower in New York City tonight. (The sign on the right is just from a store nearby, not really part of the protest). As a newscaster said : at least the protests are a sign that people care about our democracy, right?


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