Sunday/ got my voters’ pamphlet

The voters’ pamphlet* is a whopping 150 pages thick, with information about all the national, state and local candidates and ballot issues! *So is it still a ‘pamphlet’?

There are 22 days to go to the 2016 US Presidential election on Nov 8.  Early voting has already started in several states, actually – and I expect to cast my vote by Oct. 25 or so, as well. Washington State conduct voting by mail, so voters do not have to show up in person at the polling stations.

I see a  ‘Letter from London’ on warns the US not to get too complacent about a victory for Hillary (the latest nationwide polls has her up by some 10% over Trump).   All the pollng agencies underestimated Brexit ‘Leave’ vote, and yes : one poll had the Remain vote up by 10%.

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