Thursday/ wet weather

It’s wet in Seattle .. a img_7766-smvery large system has moved in that will bring rains for Friday and the weekend, and high winds (up to 60 mph) later tonight.

Our pilot explained that there may be some turbulence on our flight, but he would fly at 24,000 ft all the way up to Seattle (usually it’s 40,000 ft).  It was wet at our arrival, but the flight was not bad at all.  I even took the train and the bus in home, got a little wet from walking the two blocks from the bus stop – but probably got in earlier than I would have, with a taxi that would have had to deal with a lot of wet weather rush hour traffic.

San Francisco airport’s International Terminal as we were pushed back at 4 pm was dry ..
.. but Seattle airport was very wet at our arrival at 6 pm.

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