Thursday/ hurricane Matthew

I was a little shocked to see a convoy of military vehicles make their way along the Embarcadero in San Francisco during lunch time today, but then learned that it’s Fleet Week in San Francisco, and there will be fighter jets flying over the Bay and all that (the same Blue Angels that come to Seattle for Seafair in August every year).  The fighter jets have been a sore subject with peace protesters in San Francisco since the mid-80s.

Hurricane Matthew was projected to make landfall at West Palm Beach in Florida just as I arrived at my home in Seattle, so I immediately turned the TV on.  It seems now that the storm’s eye will stay out in the sea – but the storm surge from the ocean will still cause a lot of flooding in the low-lying areas and outer banks all along the coast.

A police-escorted military convoy that made its way along the Embarcadero today.
Hurricane Matthew is going to move up along the east side of the Florida panhandle through Friday and Saturday, and will bring 100 mph winds and 7-11 feet storm surges from the ocean. At least it now looks as if the eye of the storm might stay some 10 or 20 miles out in the ocean, which will make for lower wind speeds on land.

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